This is make it nice.

Us too.

We make film because we like making film. 
Actually, it’s what we like most.
And we like a lot of things.
(You’ll see.)

We work in hospitality, fashion, art and music.
But also, we’re adventurous.
We like ideas.

Did we mention we like film?
Documentary or scripted, commercial or editorial,
you name it, we make it

See what we did there?
We can be clever.

There’s more.
Creative production, branding & web, we do those things too.
(Just so you know.)

make it nice is a New York based agency that operates globally. This might be a good time to mention, we’re also Swiss.

Don’t be scared.  We think that's a good thing.

We’re playful, yet precise. Experimental, yet reasonable. Focused, yet open. We’re serious about what we do,
but we have fun.  A lot of it.

We take our projects personally. 
We work thoughtfully and thoroughly.
We’re inventive. We’re curious.

We make it nice.